If you’re following this blog, then I’m sorry. It hasn’t been as easy to keep up with this as I’d hoped. Sort of like having sex every day, seeing a play every week sounds awesome until you try it, and realize how much dedication is required.

So, I’ve posted my comments on Killer Joe, weeks after we saw it. I really liked it, but read that entry for more detail.

Other productions we’ve seen, but I’ve not yet written about, include Edward Albee’s The Play About the Baby at BackStage Theatre CompanyWelcome to Arroyo’s by (Pulitzer finalist) Kristoffer Diaz at American Theater Company, Bertolt Brecht’s The Good Soul of Szechuan at Strawdog, and John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men at Oak Park Festival Theatre. I have friends who were/are in each of those productions, so I’m not an unbiased critic, but that’s no excuse. I’ll try to get caught up with these while still seeing more, and while we’re out of town for various family and holiday events.