I have been remiss. I repent that I underestimated how much time it would require to maintain two blogs. I will try to find a balance that gives this blog greater priority.

Further, I was not able to attend a live performance this last week. For Easter weekend, Amy and I traveled to the greater Cleveland area to spend the holiday with family. Amy was raised a papist, so planned to go to Easter Mass with her parents and our precocious niece, Cora Grace. I wanted to go, and consider it the weekend’s live performance. After all, as any intro to theater student can tell you (assuming they didn’t sleep through it), theater has roots in religious ceremony. Unfortunately, I was too debilitated by the common cold to drag myself out of bed for an 8am mass.  I even slept through the egg hunt, I’m sorry to say.

Now I find myself ridiculously behind on this blog, but determined to catch up! My entry on The Building Stage’s The Ring Cycle is coming right up. Yes, I know it closed. That’s going to happen sometimes on this blog. I’m an armchair critic, not a paid hack.